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Steering & Suspension

Unfortunately, most things in life that get used often tend to wear out over time. The steering and suspension system in your vehicle is a perfect candidate for this due to its complexity and reliance on a number of processes. However, it’s clear why a failing steering and suspension system would put you and others at risk on the road. And, that’s what we’re here for.

Let’s break down the steering and suspension system so you can better understand its importance as a whole. First of all, that seamless, comfortable ride that you seek on the road is made possible by this system as well as optimal connectivity between your wheels and the ground. If it becomes compromised, you will likely notice symptoms such as noise when driving over bumps, vehicle bouncing, hard turning, uneven tire wear, and wheels that drift to one side. A failing steering and suspension system is nothing to mess around with because safety becomes an immediate concern, especially since the problems don’t end there; this system affects other important parts of a vehicle such as the alignment of your wheels. The best thing you can do if your vehicle is showing signs of steering and suspension damage is to act on it as quickly as possible.

You can count on us at Safeway Auto Service to be there in the event that your steering and suspension system needs attention. We have professional, State Certified Technicians available with years of experience and knowledge to diagnose any issues your vehicle may be having. Our mission is getting you back on the road as soon and as safely as possible.

Not to mention our free brake and under-carriage inspections upon request to verify that other major vehicle parts are running as they should be. It’s just another reason why you can trust us at Safeway because our commitment is first and foremost to you and your safety on the road.

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Jessica Keeler


Every step I took with Safeway was easy. I needed my alternator replaced. They said come right in. They were so easy to talk to. They got my car right in and it was repaired before the end of the day. They charged me exactly what I was quoted, which was very affordable, and applied coupons I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend them!

B. Yvette


The staff over there is always so friendly and accommodating. I bought a car that needed more work than it was worth, but they has always tried to help me keep it together. I especially appreciate how honest they have been regarding this car, very good to not feel like your being taken advantage of. Thank you!

Tracey Weems


Fast, efficient, and very friendly. SafeWay you rock!!! Thank you.

Susan Repasky


Just want to say thank you to the staff for great service today. I will be sure to let all my friends know about SafeWay.

Ask the Mechanic

Steering & Suspension FAQ's

This could be happening due to an imbalance in the tires, a bent frame, a steering component, or an alternative situation. Bring your vehicle in so we can locate and fix the problem for you as it may put you and other drivers at risk.

That is definitely not normal, however, it could actually be your brake rotors causing the problem here. Whatever it is, bring your vehicle in and our technicians will get you back to smooth sailing.

The signs of a suspension system that isn’t working properly include:

  • Swaying or bouncing excessively while driving
  • The car does not sit level when parked
  • Uncomfortable and poor handling on the road
  • The steering wheel feels loose

There is a slew of suspension components that could be causing the noise such as ball joints, tie rods, springs, struts, chassis items and more. Therefore, bring it in as soon as possible before you wind up on the side of the road or paying for expensive repairs.

Yes – we welcome all vehicle makes, models, and ages for steering and suspension service, as well as other appointments at Safeway.