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Better Safe Than Sorry -

Don’t Chance it with Your Brakes!

When you’re on the go driving around, it is easy to overlook one of the most essential vehicle functions – coming to a stop. And, if any part of your braking system is compromised, we advise that you hit the brakes and stop in to Safeway Auto Service before it’s too late.

The brakes of your vehicle are simply too important to let them slip under the radar, especially when the warning signs only require a little bit of awareness on your end. For instance, if you notice that your brakes aren’t as responsive anymore, that your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, that your brake pedal is vibrating, or you hear grinding and squealing noises, then don’t waste a moment bringing your vehicle into us. Braking systems are complex, so to keep things simple they work by creating friction between the brake pads and rotor to bring your vehicle to a stop. Here’s the crucial part; if you notice unusual symptoms and fail to take action, you may damage very expensive components and eventually run your brakes into the ground.

Our service center at Safeway is full of talented, knowledgeable individuals, as well as State Certified Technicians available, who know how to determine the problems your braking system may be having and how to resolve them. Which do you think costs more: brake pad maintenance or replacement of the entire braking system? You guessed it – option number two. Therefore, take the time to stop in while you still can, otherwise you are putting yourself, others, and your bank account at risk.

You’ll be happy you chose Safeway Auto Service because we make it a point to provide the most effective service appointments every time by offering free brake and under-carriage inspections upon request. That way, we can send you on your way with you feeling confident in all aspects of your vehicle!

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Jessica Keeler


Every step I took with Safeway was easy. I needed my alternator replaced. They said come right in. They were so easy to talk to. They got my car right in and it was repaired before the end of the day. They charged me exactly what I was quoted, which was very affordable, and applied coupons I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend them!

B. Yvette


The staff over there is always so friendly and accommodating. I bought a car that needed more work than it was worth, but they has always tried to help me keep it together. I especially appreciate how honest they have been regarding this car, very good to not feel like your being taken advantage of. Thank you!

Tracey Weems


Fast, efficient, and very friendly. SafeWay you rock!!! Thank you.

Susan Repasky


Just want to say thank you to the staff for great service today. I will be sure to let all my friends know about SafeWay.

Ask the Mechanic

Brakes FAQ's

Some warning signs that your brakes may require maintenance or replacement include if they are not as responsive as they once were, your vehicle pulls in one direction when braking, you hear a high pitched sound or the pedal pulsates when applying brake pressure.

The answer to this depends on the type of vehicle you own and your driving style. In general, having your brakes checked at least once annually is important to ensure your safety and that of others. However, if you ride your brakes often, do a lot of stop-and-go driving, or take routes with a lot of hills and sharp turns then having your braking system inspected more frequently may be necessary.

If you are experiencing a harder or softer brake pedal, there is a good chance that an element of the braking system is not fully functional. Two possible causes could be a leak in the system or incorrect brake adjustments.

In the event that your brake pedal drops to the floor, it is possible that there is air in the brake hydraulics. This occurrence can also result from a braking system malfunction or a leak elsewhere.

Yes – we welcome all vehicle makes, models, and ages for brakes service and other appointments at Safeway.