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Belts & Hoses

To ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle as a whole, the small details must be accounted for. Think about all of those belts and hoses that are easy to forget about, but integral to the inner-workings of your vehicle; rest assured, those details will never slip our mind at Safeway Auto Service.

So, why are the belts and hoses so important? There is a series of belts that drive a variety of engine accessories, while a timing belt keeps the engine’s valves and pistons moving in sync. Over time, the belts will start to deteriorate from exposure to extreme heat, and eventually break which causes the associated function to stop working as well. Replacing belts is typically on the inexpensive side of things, but leaving a belt unfixed can lead to the breakdown of much more expensive parts. The same thing goes for the assortment of hoses that transfer coolant, brake fluid, and fuel throughout the vehicle. Over time, they become subject to wear and tear that may cause leaks and result in the engine overheating.

Don’t blow a belt or a hose when it is so easy to keep tabs on them by having our professionals at Safeway Auto Service inspect them every time you come in. It’s easy to forget about parts that you never really see which is why we want to help you stay informed. Make certain your belts and hoses are in tip-top shape with our State Certified Technicians available to help you.

For your convenience we provide free brake and under-carriage inspections upon request, so you can drive off without the fear of having to return a couple weeks later for something else. At Safeway we strive to provide you the absolute best, well-rounded service appointments.

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Jessica Keeler


Every step I took with Safeway was easy. I needed my alternator replaced. They said come right in. They were so easy to talk to. They got my car right in and it was repaired before the end of the day. They charged me exactly what I was quoted, which was very affordable, and applied coupons I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend them!

B. Yvette


The staff over there is always so friendly and accommodating. I bought a car that needed more work than it was worth, but they has always tried to help me keep it together. I especially appreciate how honest they have been regarding this car, very good to not feel like your being taken advantage of. Thank you!

Tracey Weems


Fast, efficient, and very friendly. SafeWay you rock!!! Thank you.

Susan Repasky


Just want to say thank you to the staff for great service today. I will be sure to let all my friends know about SafeWay.

Ask the Mechanic

Belts & Hoses FAQ's

There is a good chance that your vehicle needs a belt replacement because the noise indicates that it is slipping and rapidly deteriorating the belt’s rubber as a result of unnecessary friction.

Yes, without a doubt. If the belt fails completely, you could cause very expensive damage to your engine or end up with a broken down vehicle on the side of the road. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

The two types of belts are accessory drive belts and timing belts. Timing belts are responsible for driving internal engine components including camshafts, balance shafts, and intermediate shafts. These belts have regular replacement intervals that are indicated in the owner’s manual. Accessory belts drive engine accessories such as air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps, and alternators. Routine inspections are the best way to know when to get accessory belts replaced.

A coolant hose may crack, rust, or leak over time due to very high temperatures in the engine compartment. If you choose to neglect failing hoses, the engine won’t get the amount of coolant it needs, thus causing it to overheat and eventually result in severe damage.

Yes – we welcome all vehicle makes, models, and ages for belts and hoses service and other appointments at Safeway.