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Routine Oil Changes

We want your vehicle to last, just as you do. And, it just so happens that one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to achieve this is with regular oil changes. Trust us – not only will your car thank you, your wallet will too.

It can be difficult to think about the long run, however, with vehicles it’s almost always about the long run. Oil is one of the most essential ingredients to your vehicle’s health because it prevents the engine from overheating. Throughout the process of running through your engine, the oil will accumulate small traces of dirt and debris that reduce its effectiveness over time. If left unchanged, it will no longer do its job of keeping the engine cool which usually leads to warped and worn out components, and eventually, complete engine failure. At this point, you’ll be taking a much bigger divot out of your pocket book than what you would have for a simple oil change – we’re talking thousands.

That’s why we have State Certified Technicians available to help you maintain your vehicle at Safeway Auto Service. We understand that taking the time get your oil changed can be a pain but given the choice between that and total engine replacement, we have a feeling you’d prefer the former. Plus, our service professionals do their utmost to provide the best, most convenient service appointments to get you in-and-out, and back on your way in no time.

In addition, we provide free brake and under-carriage inspections upon request to ensure other major parts are functioning as desired to help you get the most out of every oil change. Don’t wait for something bad to happen – take care of the small details now and you’ll thank yourself later!

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Reviews from Customers

Jessica Keeler


Every step I took with Safeway was easy. I needed my alternator replaced. They said come right in. They were so easy to talk to. They got my car right in and it was repaired before the end of the day. They charged me exactly what I was quoted, which was very affordable, and applied coupons I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend them!

B. Yvette


The staff over there is always so friendly and accommodating. I bought a car that needed more work than it was worth, but they has always tried to help me keep it together. I especially appreciate how honest they have been regarding this car, very good to not feel like your being taken advantage of. Thank you!

Tracey Weems


Fast, efficient, and very friendly. SafeWay you rock!!! Thank you.

Susan Repasky


Just want to say thank you to the staff for great service today. I will be sure to let all my friends know about SafeWay.

Ask the Mechanic

Oil Change FAQ's

There is no one right answer to this question as it differs based on the vehicle. Some vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles, while others don’t need one until 7,000 miles or more. Therefore, we recommend referring to your owner’s manual or speaking with one of our service professionals to determine the proper interval for your specific vehicle.

Regular oil changes aren’t advised as a money-making strategy. Rather they are one of the easiest, least expensive ways to maintain the health of your vehicle. The oil keeps your engine from overheating, but over time it loses its effectiveness as it gets dirty from circulating through the system. With a decreasing ability to keep your engine cool, certain components may warp and wear, and eventually your engine may fail entirely. Then you’ll need much more than a simple oil change.

Refer to your owner’s guide or inquire one of our Safeway service technicians.

Yes – conditions that are more straining on your vehicle may shorten the intervals between your oil changes. Some of these include driving through stop-and-go traffic on a regular basis, living in an area with extremely cold or hot temperatures, frequently taking short trips, and consistently towing heavy loads.

Yes – we welcome all vehicle makes, models, and ages for oil changes and other service appointments at Safeway.